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How to Disable a Product in Magento
How to Disable A Product in Magento (one product at a time)
1. Go to Catalog > Manage Products
2. Search for Product by SKU #
3. Click on the product using the Edit link or the highlighted area when moused over
4. On the left side, the first tab, General, scroll down until you find Status (eight items down) use the
 dropdown list to select Disabled. Click “Save and Continue”
5. On the left side, the ninth tab, Inventory, go to Backorders (seven items down) use the dropdown list
 and select No Backorders. Note: sometimes you might have to unclick the box by “use config
settings” it will depend on how the product was originally created.
6.  On the same Inventory tab, go to Stock Availability (the last item) and use the dropdown list
to select Out of Stock. 
7. On the left side, the eightth tab, GS Product Feed, go to the first option, "gs_in_feed" and Select No. This removes
the prodcut from being submitted to the shopping feeds.
7.  Click “Save”
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