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Configurable Product Creation



1)  Go to Products > Product Options

2)  Create Option

3)  See below

A)  Select Size if creating a product with size options.

B)  Do not select color since we will be using product images for thumbnails instead of web colors.

C)  Select create your own if you are creating options using product images for thumbnails.

4)  Name your option as Size or Color with the product SKU in parentheses such as Size (ASH-001)

5)  Name your option for the Front End Display such as Size, Color, Wood Type, etc.

6)  Select the Display Type. Select Multiple Choice for items like Size that do not require individual product images for thumbnails. Select Swatch for items like color or wood type that will require individual images for thumbnails.

A)  If using Multiple Choice select the Rectangle Option then create your values. You can make one value the default option.

B)  If using Swatch, name the value then select Pattern and choose your file for the individual product image.

C)  Then click Next

7)  Choose “create a new one” to create a new option set. Name the new option set the SKU of the product.

8)  NOTE: If you are creating a product with more than one option than you will have to repeat steps 1-6 and then add the new option to your existing option set named for your product SKU that you created in Step 7.

9)  Go to Products and click new add. Enter essential product information under Details.

10)                  Go to Options & SKUs

A)  Choose the Option Set that you just created from the dropdown list.

B)  Go the SKUs tab. Select Create a SKU. A pop-up window will appear where you can enter the product data and select your product options. You do not have a select a product image if you are already added images to your option set. Save and Close.

C)  Go to Rules: Select Create a Rule. Select the option from the available options that you want to create a rule for such as an increased price, a product image, etc. and under “make these changes” check the matching box.

D)  If adding a display image to change when the customer clicks the image. Select show a different image. Then upload the image file.

E)  Save and Close.

F)   NOTE: You can use the Rule “make it unavailable for purchase” for daughter products that are not longer available.



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