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Appeagle Product Upload
1. Log into BrightPearl. Go to Products > List Products
2. Click Show Filter, Go to Warehouse field and select Main Warehouse from dropdown list. Click Filter.
3. Click Export, then select All rows and Excel format, then Export
4. Wait for Report to complete, then Download Report. (I suggest creating a folder just for these downloads, as you won't need them again. Delete the reports every so often).
5. Open the excel file BP_AE_conversion WCM.xlxs and go to the first tab BrightPearl Inventory.
6. Open the new report from BrightPearl.
7. Select All on the new report and right click, copy. 
8. Select All on the BP_AE... file and right click, Paste Special, select Values.
9. Then in the BP_AE... file go to the Upload tab, then right click, select Move or Copy...
10. Then under "to book" select New Book and click the create a copy (at the bottom).
11. New book is created. Name the new book Appeagle-Export-TODAY'S DATE and select CSV for the file format.
12 Log into Appeagle, click on Uploads.
13. Click on Upload Changes, select your file.
14. Appeagle will ask if you want to do this, click yes.
15. You will see a popup in the bottom left corner "Success" and then you will see your file on the top of the list.

* I will be adding screenshots 
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