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How to Bulk Disable Products in Magento
How to Bulk Disable Products in Magento (disabling related products, two or more at once)

1. Go to Catalog > Manage Products

2. Search for Products by SKU # such as JAG-G for JaggerSpun Green Line. You can also try using the product
 name  (just be sure all the products in the group are ones that you want to disable). 

3.  You can individually select the products that you need or use Select Visible (when you are selecting 
 the needed products, BE CAREFUL, not to select other unrelated products).

4. On the right side, go to Actions and use the dropdown to select Update Attributes (it may take Magento
 a few minutes to pull-up the next page) NOTE: When make bulk changes there is a checkbox next to each option
 and you will have to check that box before you can make any changes.

5.  On the left side, the first tab, Attributes, scroll down to Status (18 items down) check the checkbox then
 use the dropdown list to select ‘Disabled.” 

6. Scroll down to "gs_in_feed" and change to No. This option will remove the product from being submitted in the product
shopping feeds. This option is toward the bottom of the list.

7. Scroll down to "Notes" and note why disabling the product, the date and your initials. This is the last option on the list.

6. On the left side, the second tab, Inventory, go to Backorders (seven items down) check the Change box, 
 then uncheck the “Use Config Settings” then use the dropdown list to select “No Backorders.”

7. On the same Inventory tab, go down to Stock Availability (the last item), check the checkbox, then the dropdown list
 to select “Out of Stock.”

8.  Click “Save”
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