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Zebra Label Printer
1) Connect the printer via USB plug and turn on power switch.
2) Open Settings or System Prefences and go to Printers & Scanners.  See screen shot #1
3) Click the "+" button and choose "Add Printer or Scanner" (bottom left corner) See screen shot #2
4) The printer should show up connected via USB on the list, select it.
5) You can name the printer a different name, if desired.
6) Select the software "Zebra ZPL Label Printer" under the dropdown for "Use Software" See screen shot #3
7) Click "Add" printer
8) You must print with the OSX System Printing dialog. Some browsers (Google Chrome for instance) come with their own print renderer for PDF documents. These renderers do not always print labels correctly.
9) Paper Size: You have to define the paper size using the custom option and type in 2.25" x 1.25" I found this to be tricky and had to try it several times because it would not let me type in the size boxes. See screen shot #4.

You can also setup the printer on the network, see this article online.

Screen shot #1 

Screen shot #2

Screen shot #3

Screen shot #4

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