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Setting Time and Date: Security Cameras
How to set the time and date on the security system for the DVR.

Notes: You can not change the date/time unless you stop the DVR recording. You can not stop the DVR recording unless you have the Admin password and are logged into the system. Log into the system from one of the Apple computers. We do not know the current password wrote down but it is saved on the computers, meaning you can not log in from the actual DVR box, since we do not know the current password.

1). Log into the iSMS system from one of the Apple Computers.
2) Right-click the iSMS icon on the toolbar, go to DVR > Setup. (If setup is not highlighted logout and log back in)
3) A menu pops up. Go to System > Control > Click Stop Recording then Apply.
4) Stay in the System Menu and Go to the Time Tab.
5) Enter the Date and Time (the time is ahead four hours or so, you may have to play around with the time to get it correct.) Click Appy.
6) Stay in the System Menu and Go back to the Control tab and Click Start Recording, then Apply, then OK.
7) This should get it updated.
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