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Reset Customer's Password
1. You must be logged into Magento (log in with your email, if you need your password reset, submit a ticket or email Brian).
2. Go to Manage Customers, then search for customer by Name or Email.

Password Reset

3.  On the left-hand side, click on Account Information, scrooll down to Password Managent and enter the new pasword woolery123
and click Save Customer. Final, notify the customer the password has been reset to woolery123 by phone, email or chat. They can now log into their account and change the password to anything they like in their account settings. If this doesn't work, forward customer email or name to Brian. There are times when the customer can not be found, which can be a result of the customer checking out as a guest, checking out on amazon, etc. these are more complicated situations.

Password Reset 3
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